Offset printing technology

Offset printing technology is the latest technology adopted by Medhat Elsewedy Printing House, using industry-leading German machines such as Heidelberg. These machines are characterized by their high printing speed and accuracy in reproducing colors of the highest possible quality.

Medhat Elsewedy Printing House provides a variety of machines of various printing sizes (B1-B2-B3-B4) to better and more accurately meet customer needs. The Maison operates in two main sectors: material packaging and commercial printing, which contribute to improving the efficiency of production processes and reducing the cost of the final product.

Offset printing is a printing technology used in the production of a variety of prints with high accuracy and excellent quality. This technique is based on the principle that water and oil do not mix, since cylinders are used to transfer the printed image from the negative board to paper or cardboard.

Offset printing has high image quality, fine colors and fine details, making it suitable for the production of high-quality prints such as commercial publications, advertising publications, books, magazines, and others.

Medhat Elsewedy Printing House is distinguished by its long experience and use of the latest technology in the field of offset printing, ensuring that high-quality printing services are provided and customer needs are met perfectly.

Pre-press Department at Medhat Elsewedy Printing House

The prepress department at Medhat Elsewedy Printing House is one of the most important sections within the factory, as this section is the first step in the process of producing a high-quality product for the customer.

In this section, the technical design is received from the customer in line with his artistic vision, and is not only viewed from the point of view of production. The design is carefully revised to ensure that it does not conflict with the thought and creativity of the product designer, and this is done through continuous communication with the customer.

At this stage, all product requirements are determined, including the type of paper used, in order to avoid any potential losses to the customer and ensure the quality of the final product at the best possible price.

At this stage, the final technical details of the product are determined, such as paper types, number of colors, type of lamination, foil color, Ampozing location, and everything related to the final shape of the product, including making a three-dimensional shape if necessary, and other influences that add value to the final product.

Post-printing at Medhat Elsewedy Printing House

Elsewedy Printing Company is distinguished by providing the latest post-printing machines in the production line for cans, binding and crushing processes for all types of packages of various sizes.

The company guarantees a high-quality and fast production line, in addition to owning the German KAMA 2021 machine , which is the latest machine for fingerprinting, ampozing, hologram and D Cut. This machine allows the fingerprint to be made on all types of paper and PVC plastic with excellent quality and to form all colors on paper products. Three-dimensional shapes and ambushing (kafraj) are also produced with excellent quality, especially in thin and precise lines and complex technical details. The company adopts cans protection technology for companies Global and leading local companies, with the aim of reducing counterfeiting by any other party, through the use of hologram technology

Digital Printing

Based on studies of the Egyptian, Arab and African markets, the Maison made the decision to purchase and acquire the world's latest digital printing machine, the HP Indigo 15000, which was acquired in January 2021. This machine is characterized by its high production speed, accuracy and very high quality, despite the short production time, which meets the requirements of the times. It is also characterized by its ability to print seven colors with liquid electric ink, which reflects positively on customers' products.

Advantages of digital printing at Medhat Elsewedy Printing House:

  • The ability to print more than one design at the same time for the same product without additional cost.
  • The ability to print any quantity of the same quality.
  • High speed in obtaining the product.
  • The ability to print paper with a thickness ranging from 60 grams to 450 grams.
  • Use different techniques for inks, such as luminous ink and invisible ink.
  • The diversity and variation of the types of paper used in printing, such as plain paper, plastic, canvas paper and PVC.

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