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The BRC certificate was recently obtained


Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department at Medhat Elsewedy Printing House adopts an effective approach that focuses on the optimal use of human resources and energies, and is considered a motivational system that gives employees powers and motivates them to achieve success and improve performance levels. Management is constantly striving towards the company’s strategic objective, which is to achieve Total Quality in the printing press, as described in the Quality Policy.

In order to ensure that the quality system is well applied, we must calibrate the devices, equipment and tools in accordance with the requirements of approved international standards, such as ISO 9001-14001-45001. The methods of calibrating the devices, monitoring their performance and maintenance are determined according to an ongoing annual plan, with a schedule and program for periodic and preventive maintenance for the engineering department. Detailed instructions for the operation of devices and equipment are documented and provided in their locations to ensure easy access and use when needed, in addition to identifying the person in charge. Identify risks.

Quality Control

All printing processes are carried out under the full and close supervision of the quality control department controllers, in accordance with the standards set for the production process chain. This supervision is carried out from the first moment of the start of the printing process until the exit of the final product that conforms to the customer’s requirements and the specifications sent from him. The corrective action method is adopted to deal with nonconformities and prevent any future errors, which is considered one of the most successful methods in recent years.

Teaching and learning

The process of education and awareness contributes significantly to the quality system within r Medhat Elsewedy Printing House, where many training courses were held to raise the efficiency of workers in various departments. Lectures, seminars and workshops were held during periods of development and progress.

In addition, Medhat El Sewedy Printing House is concerned with serving the Egyptian community and seeks to provide a sustainable, practical and committed training education linked to the growing need for qualified technicians to meet market requirements and technological developments. Medhat El Sewedy Technical School for Dual Education was established under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Education, with the aim of providing qualified technical workers and promoting the profession of printing technician by linking it to the latest developments in the industry.

In addition to the technical and administrative aspects, Medhat Elsewedy Printing House pays great attention to teaching and learning as an essential part of its strategy to ensure quality and continuous development.
Medhat Elsewedy’s educational efforts are also reflected in the Medhat Elsewedy Technical School for Dual Education, which offers educational programs that combine theoretical education with practical training in the fields of the printing industry. This aims to qualify students and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of the labor market and achieve continuous success in the profession.

Relying on the latest technologies and practices in the field of education and training, Medhat El Sewedy Printing House seeks to develop a strong professional base that supports the sustainability of its operations and strengthens its position as a leader in the Egyptian and international printing industry.

These educational efforts reflect the company’s commitment to fostering innovation and continuous development, as it believes in the importance of investing in young people and enabling them to acquire the skills and experience necessary to achieve progress and excellence in the field of printing.

By providing a stimulating learning environment and comprehensive training programs, Medhat Elsewedy strives to be a gateway to quality job opportunities for Egyptian youth and enhance their career paths in the printing industry. Thus, the company plays an active role in building a strong and sustainable society by motivating young people and enabling them to succeed and shine in their careers..

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