Technology (Offset Printing)

El-Sewedy Print house is using the world’s best and most famous German printing machines in printing speed, color accuracy, and best quality Heidelberg.

El-Sewedy Print house owns multiple sizes printing machines B1-B2-B3-B4 to ensure optimum use of the printing products industry as it works in two different sectors, Folding Carton and Commercial and its reflection on the final product cost.

Pre Press

Prepress department in El-Sewedy Printing House is one of the most significant departments inside the factory, and it is the first way to a high-quality product for the customer.

The artwork is received from the client due to his artistic point of view not from his production one, as the design is processed in a way that does not contradicts the thoughts and creativity of the designer and his communication with the customer.

At this stage, all product requirements are determined from the type of paper to the final technical details used, this is to avoid the customer’s depreciation that is reflected on the product price, so to preserve the customer’s product from the beginning.

Also, in this beginning stage, the final technical details are determined from:

  • Type of paper
  • Number of colors
  • Type of lamination
  • Color of foil (if any)
  • Location of ambushing (if any)
  • The work of the 3D shapes (if any)

And finally determine every detail related to the final shape of the product.

After Press

El Sewedy Printing House owns the most recent post-printing machines in the production line and finishing process of all types of boxes in different sizes. It also owns high quality and speed lamination production line and German KAMA, the latest machines to produce hot foil, ambushing, hologram, and day cut.

Hot foil is made on all material of paper and PVC plastic with excellent foil quality on all paper types that creates too 3D shapes. The ambushing work is of excellent quality, especially on thin writing and intricate technical details in addition to Hologram technology to protect the boxes of international and major local companies so that boxes cannot be forgotten

Print Management

HR and Training Department

Headhunting and hiring the best calibres.

Conducting training sessions to build the capacity of all work force members.

Marketing Department

Penetrating new markets in Egypt and the surrounding region.

Research and Development

Continuously searching for the latest trends in the printing field in European and international markets.

Finance Department

Issuing Taxable invoices to periodically asses the print house’s debt position and facilitate customer accounting cycle.

Quality Department

Developing quality inspection standards to reduce production and raw material waste during all production stages plus to regular reviewing on all the operations taking place in the company within the framework of the reviews of the international certificates obtained.

Food safety department

Confirming regular reviewing’s on the levels of production by using the BRC system to ensure the safety of the product dietary

Production Department

Enhancing production lines with the latest equipment to increase production quality.

Occupational and environmental health and safety department 

Regular safety awareness programs for all workers to ensure their safety including the safety of the surrounding environment

Latest Projects

Abu Auf – voila – Toshiba El Araby – Samsung – tsepass – sanefoods- exception – tortina – koueider- epico- advocure-nutra -luna -kempetro – innovex -royal herbs

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