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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department at Dar Medhat El Sewedy Printing Company adopts an effective method that focuses on how work is performed, to achieve the optimal use of the potential human resources and energies.

It is also a motivational system, as it gives power to employees and urges them to succeed and raise levels of performance in constant attempts to reach the strategic goal of the company as stated in the quality policy which is to achieve Total Quality in the printing press.

To ensure the implementation of the quality system in a successful way, we standardize our devices, tools, and equipment according to what is required by provisions of the international standards (9001-14001-45001). We also standardize our devices and monitor their performance and maintenance according to annual and continuous plan to reach accurate results by setting a schedule and program for periodic and preventive maintenance for the engineering department. It works for identifying and documenting defect sites, providing detailed evidence for its operation (working instructions) that is placed and kept at the device or equipment location to ensure easy access and use when needed, and even identify the responsible person, limit, and identify risks.

Quality Control

All printing processes are operated under full and accurate supervision of the Quality Control supervisors according to the standards set for the chain of production processes, from the starting of the printing process till the production of the final product that matches the customer requirements and needed specifications. So, both the printing press and the produced products gains customer trust and satisfy their needs.

Since we believe that reviewing alone is not sufficient for the success of the quality control system and that the appropriate step is to correct what was done incorrectly. Therefore, the Quality Control Department follows the corrective procedure approach in dealing with non-conformity cases and preventing any kind of errors that may occur in the future. This is one of the most successful management techniques recently in the past years.

Learning & Education

The process of education and awareness has a great role in the quality system in Dar Medhat El Sewedy Printing Company, as many training courses, lectures, seminars, and workshops were held to raise the efficiency of the company›s employees in various departments on all over the development periods.

As Medhat El-Sewedy Printing House is interested to serve the Egyptian society, it sought and seeked for permanent and sustainable development and a committed training educational process associated with the lack of finding enough qualified technicians whom are able to meet the market demands to easily reach the modern mechanization, struggling finding a technician who can work with industry variables. Medhat El-Sewedy Printing House has founded Medhat El Sewedy Technical School for dual education under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Education aiming to:

  • Provide skilled technicians on a scientific and practical basis using the latest methods of education and teaching by practice, to develop the Egyptian printing industry.
  • Provide good job opportunities for youth, whether inside or outside Egypt.
  • Enhance of printing technician professions and link it to all industry developments.

As the trainee student has a real professional atmosphere and an opportunity  to work in the factory and the company on actual production lines. Where as the graduate gets a diploma in technical education according to applied technical fields.

  1. printing technology.
  2. preparing and directing printing quality technology.
  3. mentainence and care service.
  4. desining and sales marketing technology.
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