To be innovative

  • We strive to achieve an Egyptian Arab industrial leap in the field of raw paper production  and developing the overall printing industry to achieve a competitive international price.
  • Producing ink raw material
  • Position Medhat El Sewedy Print House as a unique trade mark in the Egyptian and Middle  East printing market
  • Improving the Egyptian printing quality to comply with  the international standards


  • Establish the principle of continuous use of paper materials as  it’s best for health
  • Using environmentally friendly ink
  • Creating and penetrating new printing markets and generating innovative  printing ideas and solutions
  • Raising awareness on the importance and benefits of using packaging paper products.
  • Raising the capacity of professional printing and designing calibers.
  • Forming international and regional strategic alliances to cater for their needs.
  • Connecting with the most advanced countries in the printing field to benefit from their latest techniques to ensure continuous development
  • Maintaining product quality and adapting to economic conditions to ensure quality level
  • Ensuring continuous development and utilization of the latest international printing technology in Egypt.
  • Mastering post print stages to guarantee a high-quality product competitive withEuropean products.


  • Provide the best service in premium quality with a competitive price.
  • Ensure competitiveness and adherence to Arab and Middle East market’s  standards to boost company’s exports
  • To be positioned as the market leader in the Egyptian premium printing market.
  • Purchasing state of the art inks and raw paper
  • Widening customer base in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa
  • Continuous expansion in digital printing to facilitate the production process and printing accuracy (future printing).
  • Secure post digital printing services
  • Catering for customer squeezed requests.
  • Presenting new paper materials to the market with different aplications


El-Sewedy print house was established in 1998 in El Sharqiyah governorate by Engineer Medhat Hafez El-Sewedy as a business partner in El-Sewedy Cables Group. Offset printing was the main printing technology adopted during the launch followed by numerous innovative printing technologies.

The year 2011 was a breakthrough for El-Sewedy print house as the main factory was established in 10th of Ramadan City with state-of-the-art equipment’s and technologies, with an expansion in offset printing and its services including packaging material and commercial printing.

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