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Innovation in Printing الابتكار في الطباعة

El-Sewedy print house was established in 1998 in El Sharqiyah governorate by Engineer Medhat Hafez El-Sewedy as a business partner in El-Sewedy Cables Group. Offset printing was the main printing technology adopted during the launch followed by numerous innovative printing technologies.

The year 2011 was a breakthrough for El-Sewedy print house as the main factory was established in 10th of Ramadan City with state-of-the-art equipment’s and technologies, with an expansion in offset printing and its services including packaging material and commercial printing.


We Deliver

Pharmaceutical Prints

Pharmaceutical printings should be designed to comply with the laws and regulations of the country concerned. The content should be prepared by healthcare and pharmacy professionals to ensure accuracy and clarity of information provided.

Detailed information is provided about the specific medication including usage, dosage, and potential side effects.

Instructions on how to take the medication and when it should be taken (before meal, after meal, or at specific times) are explained.

Warnings and special guidance regarding the medication are highlighted, such as target age groups and specific health conditions that need attention.

Promotional Materials

We choose suitable paper for the promotional material such as matte or glossy paper for posters.

We consider print quality so the material looks attractive and clear. We then use a high-precision printer and select the best print settings.

We ensure color accuracy according to the brand logo or visual identity. You may need to calibrate the colors.

Consider the size and shape of the promotional material according to where it will be used such as poster or brochure size.

Print a test copy to ensure print quality before the final printing.

Use appropriate fastening methods such as gluing or stapling for prints.

Pastry & FMCG Prints

These printings can be customized and designed to uniquely fit the brand and customer needs.

Remember that these printings can be tailored to match your own branding and customer requirements, design them attractively and appropriately for bakery and consumer goods.

Exported Prints

We provide high-quality printing services for customers who want to export their printed products to international markets.

We follow the highest global quality standards and use the latest technologies to ensure printing a product that meets the requirements and expectations of customers in the target markets.

We offer sturdy and attractive packaging solutions that maintain the integrity of exported products during shipping.

We have flexible options and competitive prices for different print sizes to suit export requirements.

We provide full technical and logistical support to facilitate the export process from printing to final distribution.

Request a quote today and start exporting your professionally printed products to global markets.

Cosmetics Prints

Discover your true beauty with our amazing products

Welcome to the world of cosmetics that enhance your natural beauty and help you shine with confidence. In this printing, we will present you with a diverse range of innovative cosmetic products that meet your personal needs and help you achieve an ideal look.

Here are some examples of printings that can be useful and inspiring for cosmetic customers. These printings can be customized and uniquely designed to fit the brand and customer needs.

Unique Sampels

We offer a service of designing and printing unique customized samples for your products before mass production printing.

Whether you need samples for a new product or different versions of an existing one, we can help showcase your product professionally to present to customers and get their feedback before the main printing.

We provide high-quality samples in limited quantities that accurately reflect the final product.

We have flexible options for paper and packaging based on your product needs.

Get the ideal samples to launch your product with confidence and ensure customer satisfaction before large-scale production.

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